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Combining form that means nose
Combining form that means nose

Combining form that means nose

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an artery or arteries; a joint or joints; the small intestine; his appendix. _____ 2. In the medical term otorhinolaryngology, which combining form means nose?“antr” is a rooT Word meaning nosE , ChAmBEr ,and muCous mEmBrAnEs . “antr/o” is a ComBInIng Form meaning ThE nosE , ChAmBEr ,and muCous

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NARIS: One of the openings of the nose. NAS / O: A combining word-form that means, "nose". NASAL: A term which refers to the nose. NASAL CANNULA: See Rhino- definition, a combining form meaning “nose,” used in the formation of compound words: rhinology. See more. Rhino- Rhino is used by combining compound words. For example: Rhinology - Study of the nose. Rhinoplasty - nose job Rhinoplasty rhin/o or nas/o both mean

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A combining form meaning "bronchus" other than bronchi/o is . (Don't forget to write your A combining form meaning "nose" other than nas/o is . (Don't forget to A combining form meaning "woman or female" is ______. gynec/o. ? ? ? A combining form meaning "nose" other than nas/o is ______. rhin/o. ? ? ? Definition of rhino- in the Online Dictionary. form. 1. (Anatomy) indicating the nose or nasal: rhinology. a combining form meaning “nose”: rhinology. This combining form means electricity. ? ? ? . an inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the nose (usually associated with nasal discharge). ? ? ? Jul 8, 2013 - A quiz on prefixes and combining forms. Which of the following word forms means "foot"? Your answer The word form rhino means "nose.

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